My practice is based on systemic psychotherapy. This is a relationship-based therapy. It means that whether I am working with an individual, couple, or group I aim to help people explore themselves in relationship to others. This will mean exploring their relationships with other people, but may also involve exploring their relationship to their own beliefs, behaviours, culture and environment. I work on the assumption that our beliefs, behaviours and relationships are inextricably intertwined.

My style is conversational and I ask questions designed to help people think through their concerns. Whilst my approach is largely based upon talking I do, at times, use other mediums to explore issues that might be difficult to talk about. This may involve the use of art materials, story or play.

In working with children I make the sessions playful where possible and accessible to their level of understanding. Depending upon individual need I can offer a short-term intervention focusing on a specific issue, or longer-term, more exploratory intervention.